Types of Gutters

Gutter Styles

5” and 6” OG K-style

Original K-style is the nation’s most popular Gutter profile which accounts up to 80% of Gutters on homes. For decades home owners have chosen K-style thanks to its prefabricated End Caps, Miters (corners), seamless roll forming and the traditional look it gives on a home.

Available in 5” for a slightly smaller but efficient gutter or 6” a bigger gutter that can help heavy water areas.

5” & 6″ Straight Face Gutter

Simple yet modern the Straight Face Gutter is one of the most exclusive Gutters you can find. Rain Tech Gutter Solutions is proud to be one of the handful of companies in all of Texas to have this Gutter profile! Providing a traditional and simplistic/custom look, this is the most versatile Gutter you can have.

The Straight Face is seamlessly roll formed to required length, has custom made Endcaps and Miters and same installation method like other Gutter profiles available.

Available in both 5″ and 6″


One of the most exclusive Gutter profiles you can find is the 6” Half Round thanks to its decorative yet competent design. Half Round Gutters is an excellent choice since it has the same functions as other gutters but adds an elegant and unique style to a variety of homes.

Ability to be roll formed seamlessly, use of prefabricated miters (corners), and End Caps makes it a reliable choice.

5″ & 6″ Box Gutter

Highly known as one of the most growing in demand Gutter profiles because of it’s simple face and geometric look is the  Box Gutter. A style that can compliment Modern homes or traditional homes, as well as one of the most practical and alluring Gutters available.

Just like other Gutter profiles the Box Gutter can be roll formed seamlessly but is considered a custom gutter due to the fact it has custom Miters (Corners), End Caps, and machinery.

Available in both 5″ and 6″

Conductor Heads

Customizable to fit your every need, Conductor Heads are a great addition to your home or commercial property. Not only are box collector’s incredibly efficient in collecting rainwater, Box Collectors are also a luxurious addition for homes and commercial properties.

At Rain Tech Gutter Solutions we are delighted to offer tailor-made box collectors hand made by our professional crew.

Gutter Guards

Leaf protection

Debris that is blown in from high winds such as pine needles, tree limbs, and leaves can clog your gutters over time. If a gutter is left unprotected it can cause major damage to a home, inside and outside. Damages may include overflow, wall damage, foundation damage and insect infestation.

Our variety of leaf protection protects your home and Gutter maintenance. 


Drop-In Gutter Guard

  • Designed for all types of homes with light leaf fall and debris.
  • Made from quality Aluminum
  • Very economical
  • Cleaning inside Gutter recommended twice a year



  • Designed for all types of homes with moderate leaf fall and debris.
  • Made from Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Economical
  • Cleaning inside Gutter recommended every year


Easy On Gutter Guard

  • Designed for all types of homes with heavy leaf fall, debris, and fights against mosquito infestation.
  • Made from Stainless steel and steel micro mesh.
  • Expensive
  • Never have to clean inside Gutter but recommend cleaning on top of the leaf protection

Gutter Colors & Materials

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